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John von Buelow has extensive experience bringing new product concept to realization and production. He has direct design experience in several hundred products in a significant range of product categories including consumer electronics, television, computers peripherals, and accessories. He has designed consumer hardware related products, plumbing and sanitary products, housewares, pet related products, audio equipment, automobile aftermarket products, personal care and cosmetics and even swimming pool equipment. Scientific products include sensors, analyzers, lab equipment and apparatus, as well as metering and dispensing devices. Experience include analytical chemistry and diagnostic devices for blood products, point of care testing and drug testing. Medical devices include monitors, drug delivery systems, perfusion, surgical tools, lasers, tables and fixtures, electrosurgical and radiation therapy. This includes consumables and disposables in addition to in vitro devices.

Experience in qualitative research includes field studies, contextual inquiries, one on one, panel discussions and interviews. These range from informal observation and interviews to more formal programs including distinct geographical region based discovery. He has led and performed design evaluation studies, color studies and user interface evaluation.

VonB understands that product positioning and production quantities will impact the choices made early in a design process. A well designed product should look and function equally well. It should be manufactured appropriately for its production quantities, part pricing tooling investments and the time to market. Details including fit and finish reflect quality and source pride, and attention throughout the development process.

Industrial design is an inventive process. Innovations are important in themselves as are unique brand statements. Protection and creation of intellectual property is a valuable asset that can be strategically considered. Design and utility patents, eventual trademark and competitive advantages can also be considered products. John has over 2 dozen US and international patents listing him as an inventor. John is also trained and certified as an Industrial Design Expert Witness by the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA).

John von Buelow has been honored with a full range of design awards. He has several IDSA Gold , Silver and Bronze awards in multiple categories, The Good Design Award from the Chicago Atheneum, Red Dot Design Excellence Awards, Industrie Forum Design Hannover, including best in category, Medical Design Excellence Gold Award, Appliance Magazine Award, ID magazine distinction, and inclusion in Product Design 5 and other bound publications.

John is also a fine art painter, volunteer set designer, soccer referee and all around handyman.
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